The times ain't changing,
they're stagnating
people are mad
politics are sad
and music is machines and ego
nobody's buying
nobody's trying
and everybody not making bank
is sitting there crying
all hope is lost
happiness costs
and fun is reduced
to lying and lying
perfect time for brown
to turn things around
and hit you up
with our crazy sounds

we'eeeeeeere baaaaaaaack

the brown brothers have taken it on the chin lately,
we ain't gonna lie
but we are back to announce that we still believe
will you believe with us?
we have a new album of originals
you have read about the mythical THE CO-OP project here before
if not scroll down or listen
but this time it's serious
it's 2011 and we are gonna put out the heavy vinyl and downloads
we promise to reinvigorate the website with new photos, prose and other content
we promise to transport you to a better place . . .come back to brown
we won't let you down

the brown brothers, winter 2011

October 7th, 2009

So the Brown Brothers have been laying low – making promises that appear to be unkept, in touch then out of touch.
Well we’re here to tell you that the band is still together – call us the in and out boys – ready to pounce but too lackadaisical to actually do so.
You’re listening to a track called Native Son. Native Son was written by Jeremy Pelt and performed by The CO-OP – Pelt, Wycliffe Gordon, Kendrick Scott, Derrick Hodge and young Warren Wolf. This track is not on the forthcoming Brown Brothers Release “The CO-OP” (BBR #2), but sprang forth from the same ooze of the Biscotti Sessions at the quasi venerable Clinton Studios on the fair isle of Manhattan.
Keep your eyes peeled to this site – well, look at it once in a while and keep track of the methodical progress of those in brown.

Until next time, we bid a fair adieu.


What I want to know is . . .  where've they been?  The Brown Brothers Universe has been undergoing something of a big bang lately, and what is to emerge is every bit as complicated and glorious as the Earth. The Co-Op, our smoking new band will be releasing its first L.P. --- you read correctly, long player -- in late Summer or early Fall and it is a great one.  Trombonist extraordinaire Wycliffe Gordon, funky iconoclast Derrick Hodge on bass and keyboard,   trumpeter/flugelhorn/producer Jeremy Pelt, drummer and scenester Kendrick Scott on percussion and stealth missile Warren Wolf, Jr. on vibes, glockenspiel and keyboards recorded this album in the torture chamber of late 2007 and only now is the larvae ready to fly.  Oh, compact discs and digital will also be available so check back here for actual street date in the future.  For now, content yourselves with the "making of the album" video below.  Also on the horizon are more Gold Sounds live dates and hey, it's nowhere near holiday season so why not order an extra copy of Gold Sounds from the link on your left which says "buy".  We have more new content under the other links so stay awhile and catch up with your old friends at Brown Brothers.  The Brown is coming down . . again.

New stuff 1/14/09

We shall return.  Please be patient.  Such patience will be rewarded.  In the meantime, new content to your left in Images and Words. 

Blue Hawaiian 8/25/08


Brown Brothers Recordings 5/17/08

Gold Sounds headlines the Beantown Jazz Festival 9/27/08.

The Co-Op is Wycliffe Gordon, Derrick Hodge, Jeremy Pelt, Kendrick Scott and young Warren Wolf.  Look for the new album on multiple formats late '08 - early '09.  All original compositions.  Recorded by Steve Mandel and mixed by Brian Deck.

"The making of the C0-OP" short film will debut here soon. 

Check out the world infamous bbr image gallery to yer left.

You can buy Gold Sounds by clicking on the buy button.

Contact us by visiting the we are brown-brothers tab.

Come back soon - ya hear?

Hello Sportsfans:

Well well well, the Dr. is IN! Dr. Detroit, whom many of you know as our amiable Brown Brothers agitator, has done it again.  He scheduled another live party centered around the inimitable Gold Sounds quartet.  For those who like to plan their fall ahead, mark SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 on your calendars.  On that day, James Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, Ali Jackson and Reginald Veal will have a coveted spot at the Beantown Jazz Festival in South Boston, Massachussetts, U.S.A.  How you like THEM apples. 

Check out the festival's illustrious history at and, in a "Where's Waldo"-type event, anyone who spots Dr. Detroit at the festival (clue, he will be wearing a Brown Brothers hat) and says "The Doctor doesn't play" gets a free Gold Sounds cd.  For the less sleuthing types, click on the "buy now" link to your leftand pay for it baby.

Is there anybody alive out there?  Well, for all you non-believers and faith-healers we are still an ongoing concern, all inertia be damned.  We are about to take another stab at changing some folks' lives through the magic of a full-length audio album, or if you must, even a la carte consumption through single track downloads.

Here is the story:  We made a classic album a couple of years ago.  We called it Gold Sounds and we think, three years on, it is destined to entertain discerning listeners for years to come.  We sent that album out into the marketplace and waited for the euros and pounds to start rolling in *(we knew the dollar was in trouble even back in '05).  We are still waiting.

Despite that and because of arrogance and stupidity, we are trying again.  After three years scouring the globe via assiduous attention to musical excellence, we hired five of the best musicians in the business to convene December 9-12, 2007 in New York City to record for all our illustrious Brothers Brown.  Without further adieu, here are the chosen five . . .

Jeremy Pelt, trumpet, flugelhorn and producer.  Jeremy is a 30-something LA native who hangs his hat in New York when not traveling.  He culminated a several-year run to a Downbeat magazine young-trumpeter of the now cover earlier this year (07 if the calendar has changed from this writing).  But, JP is no be-bop time capsule.  Despite numerous comparisons to Freddy Hubbard, Lee Morgan and King Miles Davis, Jeremy is an avid Radiohead fan and has moved the game forward by disparate releases in disparate formats.  Check filter-par-excellence for the details, but in shorthand for the initiates, Jeremy is the James Carter of the gang . . .

The parts of Reginald Veal and Ali Jackson will be played this time by Derrick Hodge and Kendrick Scott.  Hodge on the bass is good enough to be Terence Blanchard's bass-man for touring and playing on the latter's Grammy nominated album about Katrina.  Hodge also played with thinking-man's rapper Common and many other hip-hop luminaries and the man can flat out bring the bottom. Scott on the drums is a Houston native who teamed with Hodge in Blanchard's band and also has his own entreprenurial and wide-ranging musical cosmos which you can check out at

Kicking the session up a notch or ten is Pine Cone himself, Wycliffe Gordon.  Gordon can simply do it all on trombone and maybe even a soulful vocal or two.  He has been in and around Lincoln Center Jazz for over a decade and he oozes class, musical and otherwise.

Finally, we are proud to bring Warren Wolf, Jr., multi-instrumentalist with a heavy emphasis on the vibes, in to complete the good times.  Wolf can be seen in a mesmerizing solo on youtube with which we encourage you to familiarize yourself.  He has recorded with Pelt previously on the gripping Angular track off Pelt's Maxjazz release Identity.

Please return to this space often and early to keep abreast of the project and maybe hear some musical teasers from the upcoming album.  Expect the hyperbole to really kick into high gear as we go go go.  As with Gold Sounds, you can expect an album that you can buy with the confidence that you will enjoy repeated playings for years or we ain't the Brown Brothers.  Now, click on the links to refresh yourselves with our history, secure in the knowledge that the present and future will smoke your eyelids and punch your eardrums.  In a good way.


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